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Miller Environmental, Inc. can furnish references from our current clients upon request for a proposal. We firmly believe that the recommendation of our clients is the best possible source of credibility. Over the years we have found the identification of our existing clients as references on the website becomes a marketing tool for others. To spare our clients the solicitations of third party firms, we no longer provide such detail without a specific request. We feel confident that any prospective client looking into the provision of contract services by our firm, will appreciate the effort we expend not only to provide quality services but to offer some protection from unsolicited internet marketing efforts which are rapidly growing.


"Miller Environmental evaluated the facilities (water and wastewater) and existing operational problems, set up maintenance procedures, established communication protocols, provided planning/improvement recommendations and delivered services within the established budget. Their expertise in regulatory compliance and reporting, treatment process knowledge, equipment maintenance and professional mannerism in dealing with all parties has been very beneficial to the Town. Miller Environmental's approach to contract operations is to be in partnership with the Town in protecting the water and wastewater infrastructure, delivering service to the residents and holding the line on costs. It's as though they are an extension of your supervision and / or employees."

- Diane L. Ewing, Town Manager, Greensboro, MD

"I would like to give a recommendation for Miller Environmental, Inc. to handle your needs. They have worked with the Town of Cecilton for many years...We would recommend MEI to anyone who needs reliable and responsive water and wastewater management services."

- John Bunnell, Mayor, Town of Cecilton, MD

"Miller Environmental has provided expertise for the design and construction of a dry ash system, the closure of an existing ash lagoon, and the design and implementation of a computerized maintenance management system. A recent engagement with Miller Environmental involved them serving as a key technical representative in a potential acquisition due diligence effort...What I want to emphasize is the quality and depth of technical ability and the ability to gain the confidence of a management team and unionized work force to implement solutions in a timely and efficient way."

- Joseph L. Salvucci, Executive Director, DELCORA, Chester PA

"I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for the firm of Miller Environmental, Inc. Since September 1999, we have employed this firm in a contract management services role. I would strongly encourage any municipality or authority who has a similar need to consider this firm. The firm exhibits a strong commitment to quality and an equal dedication to client satisfaction."

- Anthony Consentino, Executive Director, Reading Area Water Authority, Reading, PA

"Miller Environmental has been successful with identifying any problems and correcting them. They have also addressed numerous deficiencies in our facility and have recommended improvements. ... I would strongly urge anyone to seriously consider what Miller Environmental has to offer. The relationship that we have had with Miller Environmental has been a true asset to the Borough of Conshohocken."

- Pauline E. Primavera, Executive Administrative Coordinator, Borough of Conshohocken Authority, Conshohocken, PA

"In March 1994, the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority received notice that our superintendent was resigning immediately. This was followed by an investigation in plant practices by PADEP, Fish and Boat and USEPA Criminal Investigation. The firm (MEI) took charge of the situation, provided expert testimony and witness to help us through this difficult period of time without any penalty to the Authority.

We have retained the firm now for years and are extremely satisfied with the performance of the firm. As a borough with a declining tax base, we are very capital limited. Miller Environmental, Inc. has provided our Authority with many cost effective solutions to keep our facility in compliance without major investments."

- Alfonso Gallo, Chair, Norristown Municipal Waste Authority, Norristown, PA

"Miller Environmental brought the necessary manpower and expertise into our Town to quickly identify and correct the technical problems that we had been unable to correct on our own. We were most impressed with the professionalism, technical expertise, hard work and loyalty that individuals of the firm displayed. In one year, they completely turned around our utilities to systems that we as Town Officials are now extremely proud of and they did this while reducing our annual expenditures. Miller Environmental has honored every contractual and verbal commitment they have made to us and have certainly went "above and beyond the call of duty" on numerous occasions."

- Findlay McCool, Esq., Mayor, Chesapeake City, MD, February 9, 1996

"I am pleased to provide this recommendation for the firm of Miller Environmental, Inc....In the short time Miller Environmental has been on board they have effectively and successfully dealt with several difficult issues.

In September of 2004, the effects of Hurricane Ivan devastated the City of Easton. The Delaware River reached flood levels that haven't been seen since the Flood of 1955. As with an aged water plant there were difficulties in handling the highly turbid and contaminated Delaware River. The water plant was only taken out of service for 18 hours, in which time the necessary procedures were tested and implemented by Miller Environmental to return to production.

On April 2, 2005, the City of Easton was again devastated by flooding. Flood levels reached four and one half feet higher than experienced in September of 2004, and turbidity and contaminant levels also exceeded the September numbers. Because of the emergency and treatment procedures devised by Miller Environmental, the water treatment plant did not have to be taken off line and the quality of water being produced was never adversely impacted.

I have 35 years experience in water treatment main distribution and have no hesitation in strongly recommending Miller Environmental to other water purveyors."

- Roy A. White, General Manager, Easton Suburban Water Authority, Easton, PA

"We are extremely pleased not only with the results of our plants daily monitoring reports, but also with the professional manner in which Miller Environmental communicates with PADEP, members of council and citizenry in general. They are aware that the cost of operations is based on hard earned money of Parkesburg residents."

- John P. Hagan II, Chairperson of Parkesburg WWTP Committee & Council Member, Parkesburg, PA

"Miller Environmental used their troubleshooting skills to correct problems with our well pumps, chemical feed systems and our WWTP sand filter. The sand filter was completely rehabilitated while we continued to properly dispose of sewage. The problem had plagued us for several years but now operates trouble free and very efficiently. We have a very high level of confidence in Miller Environmental's ability to continue operating our systems in a very professional and cost effective manner."

- Jim Ringer, Business Manager, St. Timothy's School, Stevenson, MD

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miller Environmental for providing the City of Easton with outstanding water and wastewater operational services over the past 3 years. I believe that one of Miller's strongest assets was the ability to recruit capable professionals to work our project. Since the outset of our contract I have seen wonderful improvement in our operations, particularly with the implementation of standard operating procedures, and I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to others."

- David G. Hopkins, Director of Public Works, City of Easton, PA.

"We have found that the plant operators are knowledgeable and conscientious in their duties, and are a valuable resource for us when we have a question or problem. Management at Miller Environmental takes care to make sure their client is satisfied and is always ready to assist should a problem arise. We have no worries about our plants.

We have been very satisfied with the level of service received from Miller Environmental. Our plants (2 water treatment and a wastewater treatment) have been operating better these last several years (since 2001) than they ever have. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Miller for years to come."

- Thomas B. Peregoy, President, Commissioners, Queenstown, MD, May 7, 2008

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