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Waster Water Management Plant

In 1994, Miller Environmental, Inc. was established to address the local community (PA and MD) need for quality water and wastewater operations and maintenance services without the burden of large corporate overhead costs or the influence of foreign ownership. At that time, the market for contract services was dominated with firms at opposite ends of the spectrum. On the low cost end were firms, which were predominantly individuals moonlighting from their principal employment at a nearby larger municipal facility, which was generally their only place of experience. These firms while cost effective were often overwhelmed by circumstances that differed from that encountered at their primary place of business. On the premium cost end, there were firms that had extensive depth of skills either from the engineering firm or the utility that was their parent. With these firms came a corresponding high cost of overhead.

Miller Environmental, Inc. decided there was a definite need for communities, below the major city level to be able to address their environmental utility needs in a more effective cost approach. A need for a firm that was capable of offering the technical expertise of the major players, quickly and directly without going through multiple tiers of corporate management. A firm that could provide total responsibility for all facets of the water and wastewater business, allowing local communities to retain ownership of their assets without having to have extensive in house and third party resources. A single source entity for full contract operations, providing labor, supervision, utilities, chemicals, sludge and solids handling and disposal and the management services associated. This entity would provide a guaranteed fixed fee with guarantees for performance and compliance.

The issues facing municipal facilities are many. Preserving the municipal or authority capability offers the most cost effective solution for home and business owners for their water needs. Escalating costs, deterioration of existing facilities, compliance with permits, ever-changing regulatory requirements, retention, hiring or training of staff, as well as the responsibility for new systems brought on by development in a community without any previous experience or skills are some of the many issues that can overwhelm elected and appointed officials, many serving in a voluntary capacity.

Having been on the municipal side of the table, Miller Environmental, Inc. staff understands and appreciates the concerns and issues faced and believes that a conscientious attempt to address these concerns will result in a successful partnership between the public and private sectors. The firm remains committed to that understanding and employees continue to serve in a variety of capacities as elected and appointed officials in their own local government and authorities. As the firm grows it continues hiring many former municipal employees, combining ambition and growth opportunities with a profound sense of civic duty.

Recognizing that private industry faced similar challenges, Miller Environmental, Inc. began offering services to industry for both pre-treatment and direct discharge facilities as well as clean water systems. Our municipal expertise offers the business community the added benefit of a detailed understanding of policies and procedures in the regulatory process. Miller Environmental, Inc. quickly developed into a significant regional force based upon this commitment to providing cost effective and quality services for water and wastewater operations and the significant recognition by awards received by facilities operated and managed by the firm.

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  • Full Contract O&M
  • Contract Management
  • Sewer Flushing
  • Dewatering & Stabilization
  • Water Meter Reading & Billing
  • Operational Studies

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