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Miller Environmental, Inc. is a regional leader in providing operations, maintenance and management services to water and wastewater systems. Since its formation in 1994, the firm has demonstrated consistently the ability to quickly assess the situation, implement corrective actions and adjustments, work with ownership, regulatory agencies, and third party firms such as consulting engineers, unions, technology and equipment providers, utilities, chemical and commodities suppliers to effect solutions, control costs and ensure compliance.

The leadership capabilities of the firm were clearly demonstrated in Norristown, PA in 1994, when MEI provided the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority with management services to respond to a series of investigations by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Criminal Investigation Unit originating from practices of former Authority employees while simultaneously bringing their facility into compliance and addressing significant labor management issues with the union staff.

In many situations, Miller Environmental, Inc. has been retained to resolve an issue or series of issues faced by the facility owner. These issues have included inability to meet compliance or sustain compliance, escalating and uncontrolled costs including labor and utilities. Many of these successful ventures have been recognized by awards and testimonials. As a consequence of our leadership we have been retained continuously by the Owner and in many cases with expanded scope. In other cases, we have rectified the problems and issues and the Owner has chosen to take over implementing and sustaining the corrective actions developed by Miller Environmental, Inc.

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Our Superb Reputation

Since its formation in 1994, Miller Environmental, Inc. has established a reputation for providing the highest quality of service in the water and wastewater industry, demonstrating that "The Water and Wastewater Authority" is more than just a trademark; it is a guarantee of quality service. This reputation is further demonstrated by the numerous awards and the testimonials of satisfied clients.

This reputation was earned by hard work and dedication by the staff of Miller Environmental, Inc. and it is watched and protected by the principals. It has earned the respect of the PADEP and MDE by successfully addressing critical environmental issues. The communication lines with the regulatory agencies is paralleled by comparable relationships with the technical service providers, the legal community, equipment and commodities suppliers allowing MEI to quickly and accurately respond to client needs and requirements.

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Our Fiscal Strength

Miller Environmental, Inc. since its formation in 1994 has undergone significant growth and is now a significant regional force as a multi- million dollar company. The firm continues to sustain its business through out various economic conditions. Privately held, the financial stability and performance of the firm can be verified through reviewed financial statements if required or confirmed through Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS 93-222-0973).

To protect our clients, Miller Environmental, Inc. maintains a strong insurance program that includes $2,000,000 in general liability and $4,000,000 in excess/umbrella liability. We can and have provided bonds for projects.

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Memberships/ Affiliations

Miller Environmental, Inc. and its staff maintain numerous memberships in trade and professional organizations. These memberships / affiliations are multi-purposed as they offer staff and employees opportunities for development and training. This allows us to stay intertwined in the water and wastewater business environment. The organizations include:

  • Water Environment Federation
  • American Water Works Association
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association
  • Chesapeake Water Environment Association
  • Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association
  • Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities
  • Maryland Rural Water Association
  • Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
  • Pennsylvania Section American Water Works Association
  • Water and Wastewater Operators Association of Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia
  • Partnership for Safe Water
  • Pennsylvania Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network (PAWARN)
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association.
  • National Society of Professional Engineers / Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
  • American Society of Civil Engineers

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